Leaders: CJ Jacobs, Drew Seketa

Stage 2 Innovations is a second stage innovation house that focuses on new social developments in clean energy, healthcare, and renewable water solutions. In the energy vertical, Stage 2 innovations is looking into developing a new, more efficient and clean lithium battery. For healthcare, they are looking into diagnostic testing improvements as well as new medical devices and services. For water solutions, Stage 2 Innovations is working to improve wastewater systems and produce market research to inform the public of current issues. 


Through an intense, hands-on project, Unleashed members will lay the groundwork for a new initiative by developing a business model and market entry strategies related to one of these verticals. Broken down into subgroups, members will attack an issue from a variety of perspectives ranging from Engineering to Finance. Previous topics have included emerging markets, school water filters, and renewable water solutions in hospitals. This project culminates in a written business plan and a presentation to a Stage 2 Innovations director.