Leader: Zach Gartenhaus, Sarah Pieslack

Invanti is a venture in South Bend that activates aspiring entrepreneurs to discover and pursue new opportunities for for-profit businesses at the intersection of important problems and big markets. Rather than traditional startups that usually begin with an idea, Invanti's ventures begin with the sharing of a problem to work toward business solutions. Invanti recruits cohorts of people who are hungry to solve important problems by starting a business, but don't have an idea yet. These cohorts dig deeper into problems to generate new solutions and business models. Invanti then supports entrepreneurs to build and launch their ventures.

Members of the Unleashed team will work with Invanti to build out a problem research database on the subject of student debt, the topic of opportunity for Invanti's upcoming third cohort. The members will define several specific problems ripe for innovation within the student debt problem landscape. This research landscape will provide the foundation for the market analysis for the next Invanti cohort.