Leader: Christopher Prattos, David Seo

Impowerus aims to bridge the gap between juveniles in need of legal aid and legal service providers by developing a new way to do pro bono work in immigration law via technology. Impowerus seeks to improve the way the legal industry serves its customers by lowering the cost for firms to connect with and assist young immigrants. The increased caseload in immigration courts and the need for pro bono legal services provide an opportunity for Impowerus to leverage technology to efficiently bring free counsel to a vulnerable sector of our population – children. Through straightforward website and app interfaces, Impowerus pairs young immigrants with attorneys who can help them through the immigration process, thereby reducing their chance of being removed from the country, empowering them, and laying a foundation of trust within the United States justice system.  Our vision is to have law firms – big and small – utilize this technology so that attorneys can efficiently make an immense impact for immigrant children.


In the past, Unleashed has worked to assist and benefit Impowerus in a variety of fashions. In past years, Unleashed has worked with Impowerus' social media and business plan teams. With the social media team, Unleashed has helped increase Impowerus’ online presence on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and create marketing materials. In addition, Unleashed has helped to flesh out the company's five and ten page business plans which was ultimately presented at pitches and investor meetings. Much of the work depends on the needs of Impowerus and their expansion.