Christian Brunner-Lopez

          Our next success story is Christian Brunner Lopez (ND ’19). Christian is a former Unleashed club president who has stayed connected to the club through career mentorship and including Unleashed members in networking events. He values the team-oriented nature of the projects and the diverse background of students involved with Unleashed – making it a great club to recruit Notre Dame students from.


          Christian is currently an Investment Banking Analyst (Consumer and Retail Group) at Goldman Sachs and has ambitions to be in a position of leadership to make the investment decisions with a dual mandate: strong capital returns as well as social return. Please enjoy Christian’s insight on his experience with the club and how the skills and knowledge Unleashed provides can be valuable to a successful career.

1) What was your biggest takeaway from Unleashed and does it apply to your current job/career?

      The biggest takeaways include the value of investing in future generations through a triple-bottom line lens, and also the importance of questions and taking a contrarian approach. For the former, I have seen how ESG and sustainability is a focus of my current employer, especially to evaluating clients, and this topic definitely stands out to me much more now due to my experience with Unleashed. On the latter, the ability to ask targeted questions to get to answers efficiently is definitely a day to day skill and my personal investment philosophy outside of work always takes a contrarian approach when initially evaluating opportunities, so I can figure out where I need to focus attention on to get comfortable with a certain investment.

2) Was there something about your Unleashed experience that set it apart from other involvement on campus?

     What set the Unleashed experience apart was the team-work oriented nature of the projects, with students from across majors and with different skills coming together to help an organization implement a project or evaluate an investment opportunity. I believe both the “live” nature of working on actual projects, and seeing students who had a passion for making an impact through finance made the experiences tremendously worthwhile.

3) Did Unleashed have an impact on your career path or future ambitions? If yes, how so?

      Absolutely. What drives me to investing is the ambition to have an impact on our world and improve communities through targeted capital in areas where I think they will have the most effect. Further down in my career I wish to be in a position where as a decision maker I focus on both the capital return and social return of projects around the world. I believe Unleashed really brings together my field of study and work, with the community and service values that Notre Dame strives to instill in its students.