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Leaders: Olivia Nisbet, Joe Thompson

Community Empowerment Solutions (CES) is a US-based 501(c)3 whose goal is to drive social entrepreneurship in impoverished areas across North and South America. CES has worked to support local entrepreneurs offering high-impact technologies (such as stoves, vision solutions, and water purification), train community groups on how to form their own banks and savings accounts, and provide other consulting services to other local organizations doing important community work. Their mission is to create opportunities where none previously existed and empower people through knowledge, skills, access to resources, and inspiration.


Unleashed is working with CES to develop comprehensive strategies for organizations to maximize their community impact. Unleashed members are analyzing ways that different organizations leverage their core competencies to create meaningful impact, which will then be developed into a diagnostic and marketing pitch for CES to use when consulting with clients and prospective organizations. Unleashed's past projects with CES include website analysis for CES's home page and helping CES develop a business plan for its "BoxedImpact" charitable initiative.


Website: https://www.cesolutions.org/